You get more with Subaru Motors Finance

Competitive rates and professional customer service
are the start of what you can expect when you finance or lease a Subaru through Subaru Motors Finance.¹

Chase provides auto financing and leasing
to Subaru customers through the Subaru Motors Finance program. Whether you choose to finance a new or pre-owned Subaru or lease a new Subaru, we off you several distinct advantages.

Convenient financing options

When you choose to finance or lease with Subaru Motors Finance, you will get:

  • Finance or lease options designed to meet your credit needs.¹
  • One-stop shopping - simply apply for financing through your local Subaru retailer.
  • Flexible payment options, including online payments, automatic deductions from a checking or savings account, and payments made at Chase branches.
  • Paperless statements that are convenient, secure and green.
  • Experienced, professional customer service.
  • Twenty-four hour account information online at and through a dedicated, automated telephone line.

Benefits of leasing

A lease may be the best choice for your driving and personal style, because you can:

  • Potentially pay less per month.² Monthly lease payments are usually lower than monthly loan payments for the same term, because you are paying only for the vehicle's expected depreciation during the lease term.
  • Enjoy driving a new car more frequently.
  • Have option at the end of your lease - including leasing another Subaru or buying the one you've grown to love. If you decide to buy the car at lease-end, you will get a no hassle preset purchase price.
  • Minimize repair costs. Many people lease for the length of time the manufacturer's warranty is in effect. That way, most repairs are typically covered.

Benefits of ownership

Enjoy that remarkable feeling that comes with owning a new Subaru:

  • Pay to own your new car, not just to use it for a few years. After your final payment is made, you can drive your Subaru for years to come. It's all yours.
  • Drive an unlimited numbers of miles - especially important if you typically drive more than 12,000 to 15,000 miles per year.
  • Modify or repaint the car, or install custom equipment, as you see fit.
  • Enjoy the full benefit of your car's trade-in or resale value.

Call Sport Subaru today for more information about financing or leasing your next vehicle through Subaru Motors Finance*.


*The tradename "Subaru Motors Finance" and the SUbaru logo are owned / licensed by Subaru of America, Inc. and are licensed to Chase Bank USA, N.A. ("Chase USA") and JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. ("Chase"). Retail / Loan accounts are owned by either Chase of Chase USA and lease accounts are owned by Chase.

Chase provides auto financing and leasing to Subaru customers through the Subaru Motors Finance program.

  1. Auto loans and leases subject to credit approval. Other terms and conditions apply. Subaru is solely responsible for its products and services, and is not affiliated with JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. or its affiliates.

  2. Lease payments include rent charges, taxes and fees.

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